Mint your Lucky charm Egghead

0.0099 eth + transaction fees

Minting is easy. Mint your Lucky charm Egghead and own it and collect or sell it on OpenSea.

First connect to your Wallet and select the Ethereum Mainnet
(Metamask must be active to see the Connect and mint Button)

Mint one of the computer generated unique Lucky charm Eggheads. Some say they bring good luck, some say they have a positive influence. Take your Lucky charm Egghead with you wherever you go. Your personal constant companion. Lucky charm Eggheads – you will love them all. By the way: after minting you can print your NFT artworks on canvas and make your life happier.

  • 10’000 computer generated Lucky charm Egghead Portraits
  • Created by Ugauga®
  • Minting for 0.0099 ETH + Gas Fees
  • Artist Royalitys on resale 6%
  • First Owner Royalitys on resale 6%
  • Mint max. 10 Lucky charm Eggheads
  • Viewable on OpenSea shortly after minting
  • Printable on canvas (max. 80x80cm)

First connect to your Wallet and select the Ethereum Mainnet. Then press the mint button.

The mintable collection of 10’000 Lucky charm Eggheads are computer generated.

Luck will decide which one you get. You will love them all!

Contract: 0xcf7bAa6A94BA897CaDfe0db3C9776d055BF4849D